StreamLegends Patch Notes

Want to know what's new in StreamLegends? Check out our patch notes below!

StreamLegends 1.13


  • Broadcasters can now give gifts out to the channel every day. There's even a chance of raid loot!
  • Unfortunately, trashed items no longer give XP towards raids. There was a very bad exploit this was allowing and we've had to remove it until we can fix it for real.
  • Players are no longer auto-joined into raids. If you want to play without raiding, cool. If you want to raid, jump on in!

StreamLegends 1.12

The Map System has been totally overhauled!
  • The Map System now lets you choose your difficulty and type of map directly.
  • Want Fantasy gear? You no longer have to be watching a fantasy game to do Fantasy maps!
  • Maps too easy for you? Increase their difficulty directly. Too hard? Pop back down.
  • Normal maps no longer expire. If you want a different map, go ahead and choose it.
  • Low level Fantasy and Sci-Fi monsters now have real art!

StreamLegends 1.11

Not just skulls!
Monsters are no longer just skulls! Witness the majesty of the tutorial Trolls in all their hand-crafted glory. (More monsters are coming as soon as they're back from their holiday break.)

StreamLegends 1.10

Stability and bug fixes

This update cleans up some code and preps StreamLegends for upcoming features. It's *technically* better, which is the best kind of better! New stuff coming soon; we promise.

StreamLegends 1.9

We've added a pop out feature!
  • Pop out a small browser window to play StreamLegends while you watch your favorite stream—without the scrolling back and forth!

StreamLegends 1.8

We've revamped combat's UI!
  • In-combat feedback of floating text and icons to better show what's happening.
  • The combat log itself is available at the end of the fight for all the details you want.
  • End-of-combat rollup of stats. See what happened and how well you and your gear performed.
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StreamLegends 1.7

This update lays groundwork for stability and future feature development. Bigger and better things are afoot!
  • Fixed a bug with the price of the Autonomous Combat Drone

StreamLegends 1.6


  • Auto-fight is now available to everyone! Take a break from clicking to enjoy the stream, but don't forget to check back in to collect your rewards.
  • More armor art has been added.


  • Quantum Eradicator now correctly reduces an enemy's physical resistance.
  • Fixed a few exploits related to town and raid contributions.
  • Fixed a few channels with corrupted data on the server, preventing the town or raids from loading.

StreamLegends 1.5


Equipped items now affect your appearance! Show off your sweet loot and be the envy of the channel. (Note: Not ALL items have unique art... yet.)


Towns are reporting a new Dig Site has been found. Build it up and take on new, extremely challenging raids that can give brand new legendaries to the entire channel!

  • The grant/revoke button for channel viewers should no longer randomly disappear.
  • The Deadly Bandit's HP has been adjusted appropriately. He's got more now, so watch out!
  • Istrade's Cudgel no longer does lightning damage. It correctly is physical now.
  • The Momentum Reversing Device's level and gear score now match other Epic items.
  • Uncommon Fantasy armor should be dropping again.

StreamLegends 1.4

New Feature!

  • Throw it all away! You can now sell/trash multiple items at once. Clean up those inventories quickly and easily to satisfy your inner neat freak!

StreamLegends 1.3

This is a small update to fix some of the more common problems we're seeing and lay the groundwork for more features to come!

New Features!

  • There's a new "What's New" panel where you can see everything that's changed.
  • You can now trash items directly from the rewards screen. Stay tuned for an even more efficient way to get rid of the stuff you don't want.

Bug Fixes!

  • If you've granted permissions to StreamLegends, you'll see your Twitch name in StreamLegends and not just "A Player".
  • Fixed an issue with dual-wielding two of the exact same items causing only one of them to function.
  •  Fixed the gear score leaderboards weekly rankings.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to trash gear under certain circumstances.,
  • The Troll Overseer's been given a new weapon with less obnoxiously aggressive healing.
  • Streaming MXM no longer prevents the StreamLegends panel from opening.

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