How do I create a party in Streamline?

You can create a party either in-game or through the broadcaster dashboard on Streamote. You can also manage the party type and choose whether to allow Steam players or not (for those who are broadcasting on Twitch). Those who are managing the party from within the game client will be able to choose party types of "Public" or "Private," while Twitch broadcasters will have additional party options on Streamote (“Invite only,” “Subs only,” or “Public”). 

Keep in mind that Public parties are open to any Streamline player, including those joining parties from the "Find Match" feature. “Subs only” parties will only be open to channel subscribers. “Invite only” and "Private" parties will require that the party manager send an invitation to the player that must then be accepted either on Streamote or in-game in order to join the party.

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