Known Bugs

Below is a list of some of Streamline's known bugs that we are working on isolating and resolving. If you have additional information about any of these bugs (especially if you experience something different than what is described), please contact us and include any screenshots or recorded video that you may have captured that demonstrates the issue.  

Lava visible under the floor

Floor is Lava stays active under the existing floor and walls of a level. It can be seen when a player positions the camera to slightly clip through surfaces. This is not a game-breaking issue.

Player falls into water but doesn't die

Some players have experienced a bug where it is possible to fall into water but not die. The avatar is either left unable to move or to run around outside the level until the end of the round.

Player names appear multiple times in Bitball team UI

Occasionally, a player's name will appear multiple times in the Bitball team UI during the betting phase.

Incorrect Twitch icon displayed

Occasionally when playing Bitball, a player's Twitch icon is displayed as that of another player's icon in the team list or leaderboard UI. 

Player-purchased rules sometimes activate incorrectly

Occasionally a rule purchased on Streamote will activate incorrectly. Sometimes, the rule activates twice in a row, while other times, the rule does not activate at all (usually when you try to activate the rule at the immediate start of a new round).

Key bindings bug

This bug is very rare, but we've seen a handful of players whose keyboard settings are missing an option (e.g., there is no "Move Left" setting). In this instance, that player will not be able to execute the missing command. If you experience this, please contact our team to let them know. We have a temporary workaround that will help you resolve this until we get a more permanent fix in.

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