Will changing my Twitch username affect my Streamline or Streamote account?

In short, yes. Streamline's backend was designed for Twitch's previous system in which names could not be changed, so if you linked your game progress to a Twitch account then changing that username will cause you to  lose access to your Streamline and Streamote accounts. Don't worry, Streamline players—we can retrieve your game progress!

If you play Streamline

If you have changed your Twitch username and lost access to your Streamline progress, simply email us the following information to helpme@proletariat.com and we will link your previous game progress to your new Twitch username:

  • Old username
  • New username
  • Player level on old username

Please note that if you play on Steam and change your Twitch username, you will not lose your Streamline Steam achievements.

If you use Streamote

You will have a new Streamote user account created (regardless of whether you're a viewer or a broadcaster) and will not be able to access your previous account and currency totals.

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